Sandman Vancouver City Centre's Parking Solution

Flagship Expectations


The Sandman Hotel Vancouver City Centre is situated in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. As the Flagship location of the Sandman Hotel Group, it is a leading example of the extra measure of quality, comfort and personal convenience that guests want. Mr. Michael Lopez, the General Manager at the Vancouver City Centre describes the hotel as being “an anomaly compared to most Sandman Hotels since the location is so close to three key venues: The Rogers Arena, BC Place and the Queen Elizabeth Theatre”. When asked if Precise ParkLink fit the standards of the Flagship location, he responded by saying “Precise ParkLink is more than just fitting in. Precise ParkLink has been a very proactive parking solution for the Vancouver City Centre”.

“Strong Partnership- Two Links Acting As One”

Mr. Lopez describes the Vancouver City Centre’s relationship with Precise ParkLink as being “two links together acting as one and a strong partnership. We all go at it as a team. Respect, trust and confidence have been earned by both sides. Through service, commitment, dedication and participation within strategies, Precise ParkLink has proven itself to be the parking expert. I can’t ask for anything more than that”.

Annual Parking Revenue Gain

“It’s been a win-win working with Precise ParkLink...The Vancouver City Centre’s parking revenue has been gaining every year as we work collaboratively on new strategies. Precise ParkLink’s parking equipment, employees and parking management services have made this happen,” Mr. Lopez explains. 

The Vancouver City Centre has invested in Precise ParkLink’s Pay-and-Display DG7 Strada parking equipment, parking equipment maintenance services, parking enforcement services, Licence Plate Recognition technology and Interactive Parking Access Subscriber System (I PASS™)- a cloud-based monthly parking subscriber system for hotel staff members to use. Moreover, the hotel has invested in Precise ParkLink’s construction & maintenance services, such as power washing, ling-painting, curb construction and parking signage. All combined, Precise ParkLink’s parking services have contributed to the annual increase in revenue and sustained Flagship expectations.

The Perfect Match For Hospitality

The Vancouver City Centre utilizes many of Precise ParkLink’s staff members from the onsite parking staff, parking enforcement officers, event staff and the Construction & Maintenance division. Mr. Lopez explains that “being in the hotel industry our personalities provide that warm and fuzzy service to our customers. It is good to work with and know that we have a parking partner that can provide the same to our customers”.

Final Words

“Precise ParkLink has been a very positive step in the right direction in achieving the Vancouver City Centre’s true potential. The combination of Precise ParkLink’s parking equipment, technology, service and dedication forms the true definition of a partnership”.


 Mr. Michael Lopez
   General Manager

What Is Sandman Vancouver City Centre's Parking Solution?

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