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Seneca College “takes pride in itself as being the college of choice in Ontario, and perhaps across Canada” says Elizabeth McCartney, the Director of College Services at Seneca College. Elizabeth continues “our team strives for excellence in all that we do, and in every service we provide; this includes parking services”.  Seneca College’s three campuses serve 25,000 full-time students and 70,000 enrolees in continuing education. With that being said, “our parking system has to be reliable and working efficiently to ensure that the traffic to and from our campuses flows smoothly”.


Prior to Precise ParkLink’s equipment and management services, Seneca College experienced immense income loss from a Pay-and-Display meter system that was provided by an alternative parking company. Seneca College chose to switch to Precise ParkLink as “their equipment and expertise within the parking industry provides customers with the most up-to date, automated and technological services within the parking industry”, states Elizabeth.

Today, Seneca College has invested in Precise ParkLink’s full management and equipment services throughout all campuses. This includes Precise ParkLink’s, Pay-on-Foot SkiData parking equipment, full-time parking staff, 24/7/365 Interactive Parking Assistance Response Centre (I PARC™), construction and maintenance services, signage by our in-house SignLink™ team, and complete parking equipment maintenance program.

To sum up Precise ParkLink’s services, Elizabeth McCartney states, “Your Construction team is totally professional and a really good group to work with. The SignLink team produces quickly which has been extraordinarily helpful. We have had great support from your head office and are delighted with the team’s responsiveness, expert advice, and ability to problem solve if an issue arises”.


“One of the most important things in having a partnership is that they listen. Precise ParkLink’s team is very responsive to our calls and needs. They are very helpful and share any pertinent advice from their experience at other centres. You need people who are really going to problem solve, be responsive and troubleshoot everything with you. That is the most important aspect of our relationship with Precise ParkLink” according to Ms. McCartney.


Seneca College’s Newnham Campus obtains the largest outdoor parking office in all of Canada.  The external office “allows the Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) to be present and physically see the majority of our parking on campus. At Newnham, every evening is like an event; hundreds of vehicles are coming and leaving at the same time.” According to Elizabeth McCartney, “with the CSRs now located on site, reduced log jams and much fewer instances of dissatisfaction have occurred”.

Precise ParkLink designed the parking office to serve as a parking information booth. Cars can pull in and park in front of the office for questions regarding parking or direction around campus.


The expansion of Seneca College’s King Campus prompted the government to mandate that the school reconfigure the parking system to improve the traffic flow on Dufferin Street. In conjunction with Seneca College’s planning team, “we worked with Precise ParkLink’s team to reconfigure everything and put an entrance and exit gate on all the lots. Precise has been at the table with our planning team and responding with estimates and advising the configuration. What’s nice about gating each lot is the ability to allocate some lots for special purposes, for example visitor parking. Precise ParkLink’s system has programmed certain groups of parkers to have certain access to specific lots. Precise ParkLink’s technological system was capable of accommodating 276 separate parking combination plans!” Elizabeth expresses with excitement.


Many colleges and universities experience the common safety issue of students tailgating to avoid parking fees. Seneca College with Precise ParkLink’s expertise “was the fastest to deal with the issue of tailgating”. Seneca College uses Precise ParkLink’s parking surveillance to identify the licence plates of the vehicles that have tailgated, issuing fines as a result. “We watched the surveillance for about four hours, identifying approximately $100, 000.00 loss, as well as the safety concern- the most important concern after all” says Elizabeth. 


“We really value Precise ParkLink as a partner and the expertise that they bring to the table. As we operate in a College environment, our expertise is in teaching and learning, not parking. So we have chosen to partner with Precise ParkLink to provide the best possible service to our staff and students.


Elizabeth McCartney, Director of College Services
   Seneca College

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