As a leader in the Canadian Parking Industry Precise ParkLink values environmental sustainability by following the international LEED rating system. Precise ParkLink is committed to minimize its impact on the environment on all fronts, both internally with its employees and externally with our customers and partners.

Introducing the EnviroLink Program in 2005, Precise ParkLink abides by environmentally friendly work practices and is committed to actively work with our partners to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our EnviroLink Program ensures that Precise ParkLink will:

  • Minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring maximum efficiency
  • Source and promote a product range that will minimize negative environmental impacts during production and distribution
  • Actively promote environmentally sustainable practices both internally with our employees and externally with our partners
  • Develop procurement standards that ensure all products and services align with our EnviroLink Program objectives
  • Meet or exceed all environmental legislations that relate to the nature of our work

Precise ParkLink will set fourth every effort to ensure that our performance sustains the environment.

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Peter Groccia
President & CEO


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