Winnipeg Parking Authority Parking Solution

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Winnipeg Parking Authority

The Winnipeg Parking Authority (WPA) provides on-and-off street parking for the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Their mission is to provide a world-class parking operation for residents and visitors to the City that consistently delivers a pleasant parking experience.

Choosing Precise ParkLink

The WPA was able to create a top notch parking operation, that would not only improve their patron experience, but also provide a return on investment for the City. They did this by partnering with Precise ParkLink. Through open tender they partnered with Precise ParkLink, and in doing so invested in Pay-and-Display parking meters and a full maintenance package to ensure their technology was always serviced quickly and functioning at full capacity.

The WPA partnered with Precise ParkLink™ 12 years ago, and since then, has continually chosen to rely on Precise ParkLink’s parking equipment, integrated technology and maintenance package to sustain their parking operation.

From Single-Space Mechanical Meters to Pay-and-Display Automation

The City utilized single-space mechanical meters prior to their partnership with Precise ParkLink™, after which Precise ParkLink™ introduced them to DG4 Pay-and-Display parking meters.  One DG4 Pay-and-Display parking meter was able to replace 10 single-space meters, drastically increasing the City’s parking revenue as it lowered maintenance and service costs.

10% Increase in Parking Spaces

The introduction of Pay-and-Display parking meters completely transformed the City’s parking operation.  The replacement of the previous parking meters decluttered the city streets, as DG4 Pay-and-Display meters require only one meter per every 10 or more parking stalls, as opposed to the previous need for one meter per stall. Available parking spaces were also increased by 10% as parking space lines were removed, no longer restricting motorist to designated parking stalls. 

The introduction of Pay-and-Display parking meters also provide motorists with an alternative payment method to coins, now accepting credit as a form of payment to further simplify parking for both patrons and the City.

The Result

The WPA has been partnered with Precise ParkLink for over 12 years. The introduction of automated parking meters has no doubt played a large role in the steady increase of parking revenue each year. However, it is the on-going maintenance and service agreement the City has with Precise ParkLink™ that distinguishes the parking operation as a long-term solution for the City, residents and visitors alike.

What Is Winnipeg Parking Authority’s Parking Solution?

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