DG7 pay-and-display parking Meter

The DG7 Strada Pay-and-Display parking meter is Parkeon Strada’s newest generation constructed to meet a variety of diverse parking needs. The DG7 Strada Pay-and-Display parking meter is the most popular multi-space meter solution in Canada, with the largest installation base being in North America. Precise ParkLink is the exclusive Parkeon Strada distributor for Canada.

The DG7 Strada Pay-and-Display parking meter provides the following upgrades to the DG4 Pay-and-Display parking meters:

  • Operates autonomously with solar power and wireless communications
  • Features a capacitive keyboard for easy conversion into Pay-by-License Plate configuration
  • Utilizes wireless communication for online credit card authorization
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and PA-DSS certified
  • Integration with proposed TelePark™ Pay-by-Phone, parking Validation Solutions for special events and parking enforcement applications
  • Fully compliant with provincial accessibility requirements (AODA compliance)
  • Unparalleled solar power operation

Precise ParkLink's clients benefit from the DG7 Strada Pay-and-Display meter due to:

  • Increasing commercial parking capacity by 10-15%
  • Providing the highest security and cash-handling features within the industry

The myParkfolio Central Management System is developed to meet the following key objectives:

  • Equipment communication (status / alarms)
  • Report generation
  • Trend analysis
  • Parking revenue maximization
  • Traffic flow maximization


✓ Solar-powered
✓ Wireless communication
✓ Improved data security
✓ Increased flexibility for software programming
✓Pay-by-Licence Plate configuration
✓Increased parking capacity by 10-15%


Q: How does Precise ParkLink know when to service and/ or provide maintenance for the DG7 StradaPay-and-Display parking meter?
Precise ParkLink utilizes the myParkfolio Central Management System to send alerts addressing maintenance requirements.

Q: What is the coldest temperature the DG7 Strada Pay-and-Display parking meter can operate in without an external heater?
The DG7 Strada Pay-and-Display parking meters are designed to operate under extreme cold conditions, and continuously operate under solar power without an external heater, at temperatures as low as -36°C.

Q: What payment options are offered for the DG7 Strada Pay-and-Display parking meter?
Rental, rent to own, leasing, lease to purchase (30%)