parking Research & Development

Precise is recognized for its revolutionary technology equipment propelling the Canadian Parking market forward. In the early 2000’s our contract with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) and the managing organization for the Toronto Pearson International Airport, sparked Precise ParkLink’s development of it’s in-house Research & Development division. R & D division has quadrupled in size and has managed to become the backbone for all of Precise leading-edge parking innovations. 

Precise ParkLink’s R & D’s strong foundation coupled with the exclusivity of being the only Canadian Parkeon Strada and SKIDATA parking equipment distributor has allowed Precise ParkLink  to establish and devise highly innovative and scalable parking technologies.

The following is a list of the R& D’s recent accomplishments:

  • The H PASS Solution: restricted to a six months’ development period, The H PASS Solution was developed in response to our extensive healthcare client portfolio’s compliance with the Ontario Ministry of Health’s 2016 Parking Rate Directive. The H PASS Solution has been deployed and is now widely used across Ontario hospitals.
  • Multi-Function LCD Display Screen: on Pay-by- Licence Plate and Pay-and-Display parking meters. The large-sized, coloured and full audio LCD display screen can be integrated with enforcement software, mobile permit payments, and display advertisements such as demos, commercial and screen savers. Our R & D is working diligently to integrate touch screen capabilities allowing the screen to provide a variety of services beyond parking, such as map and GPS applications.
  • The Interactive Parking Assistance Response Centre (IPARC): exceeding the standard parking customer service call centre, the innovative surveillance model leverages real-time video and audio system from Precise’s Head Office.
  • The Interactive Parking Access Subscriber System (IPASS): a web-based and real-time monthly parking and validation management module, tracking individual usage, generating reports, as well as parking arrangements modifications.


✓ Access to in-house R & D professionals
✓ The development of leading-edge parking equipment (SKIDATA and Parkeon Strada)
✓ Rigorous pre-production testing on Precise equipment
✓ Client testing prior to launch in the Precise pre-production laboratories
✓ Continuous technological improvements
✓ First rights to the most advanced parking technologies 


Q: Where is Precise’s in-house R & D division located?
Our in-house R & D is situated at Precise’s head office facility in Toronto. 

Q: What type of equipment does the Precise R & D division create software’s for? 
Our in-house R & D division develops software specifically for integration with SKIDATA and Parkeon Strada equipment.