DG4 pay-and-display Parking MeterS






The DG4 Pay-and-Display parking meter is a tried and proven, robust sixth generation parking meter supporting “green initiatives” utilizing solar power. This parking meter can be configured for solar-power and/ or an AC solar-powered machine. Due to the large number (8000+) of Precise ParkLink DG4 Pay-and-Display parking meters deployed we offer our customers savings based on the “economies of scale” with the following benefits:

  • Reduced product acquisition cost
  • In-house (i.e., rental, rent to own, leasing, lease to purchase - 30% residuals, and outright purchase) custom financing packages  
  • After a one-year warranty expiration, we offer extended parts warranty at a flat rate per meter.

The DG4 Pay-and-Display is a part of Precise ParkLink's Power Series, making it the world's most powerful parking meter. 

For more information about Precise ParkLink's DG4 Pay-and-Display parking meters, please contact us and download the service specifications. 

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