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With 30 years of experience in the Canadian parking market Precise ParkLink has become Canada’s parking industry leader providing organizations a complete turnkey parking management solution that bridges the gaps between parking operations, construction and maintenance, parking equipment, parking technology and parking revenue financial services- a claim no other Canadian parking organization can make. 

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What is parking management?

Beginners Guide To Parking Management

Parking management extends beyond parking operations. It’s the ability to provide, support and maintain all parking related matters that surround your organizations parking strategy. Branches of parking management include: parking equipment, operations, construction and maintenance, revenue financial services, and technology innovations that overlap with matters such as parking enforcement, surveillance, customer service, signage, electric car charging stations, safety, convenience and much more!

When seeking parking management, it is key to partner with an expert organization that has the capacity and resources to provide on-going technical support for it's parking products and services. Cost, time and quality savings are achieved by partnering with a turnkey parking management provider.

Parking Management Solutions

Precise ParkLink offers a turnkey parking management solution for Canada’s premier hotels, airports, commercial and mixed-use developments, hospitals, universities and colleges, stadiums, shopping centres, condos and residential complexes. Built on in-house resources our turnkey parking solution unleashes top notch customer service and savings with our expertise in, and ability to provide end-to-end parking services.





















electric car charging stations

Precise ParkLink is proud to introduce electric car charging stations as it's newest product offering. As a distributor for ChargePoint our ability to supply, plan and install the electrical infrastructure for electric car charging stations, as well as provide on-going technical support for them is unbeatable.

Let us help you launch your new amenity smoothly. Learn about the benefits of installing an electric car charging station at your parking facility or for your on-street parking. 





Precise ParkLink’s exclusivity of being the only Canadian SKIDATA and Parkeon parking equipment supplier coupled with our focus on parking technology enables Precise ParkLink to integrate user-friendly and revolutionary technology with Pay-on-FootPay-and-Displayand Pay-by-Licence Plate parking equipment.

Precise ParkLink’s ability to maintain, service and support it’s supplied parking equipment and software solutions is unparalleled within the Canadian parking market.  Precise ParkLink’s capacity to quickly and accurately provide parking equipment maintenance service is unbeatable. 

canada's best employer for recent graduates

Precise ParkLink is tremendously excited and honoured to announce that it has, for the 2nd year in a row, been awarded as one of Canada’s Best Employers for Recent Graduates by Canada’s 100 Top Employers and Mediacorp Canada Inc. As a 100% Canadian-owned and nation-wide company Precise ParkLink takes tremendous pride in being Canada’s parking management leader, and we have our employees to thank for it. In 2016, the rate of full-time employees at Precise ParkLink’s Toronto head office alone increased by 19%. Precise ParkLink is truly honoured to be able to provide for over 500 individuals across the country, and is devoted to continuously enhancing it’s technology driven, innovative and fast paced work environment.

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