H Pass™ 






Developed for healthcare and hotel parking management systems, the H PASS™ card is preloaded for a specific number of days providing guests and visitors the convenience of:

  • Prepaying for parking with a one time payment
  • Sharing the account with multiple family members
  • Entering and exiting the parking lot with a fast swipe-in and out 
  • Unlimited privilege to enter and exit the facility within 24 hours
  • Using the H PASS™ across multiple programmed locations
  • Access to a self managed online account allowing users to track their usage

For more information about Precise ParkLink's H PASS™ parking technology, please contact us and download the product specifications. 

Precise ParkLink Inc. is proud to introduce the innovative H PASS solution to its Ontario healthcare partners. The H PASS solution was developed by Precise ParkLink Inc. as a means for healthcare institutions to comply with the new provincial policy on parking rates in a cost-effective manner.

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