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Metro Vancouver Features Precise ParkLink's Solar-Powered Meters

Metro Vancouver recently ran a segment on how the City of Coquitlam is expanding it's infrastructure to make it easier for people to park their cars, rides their bikes, and charge their phones while on the move— and the power of the sun is playing a big part. 

Metro Vancouver began the segment by highlighting Precise ParkLink’s solar-powered Pay-by-License Plate DG7 parking meter, which operate completely off the grid, making them entirely carbon-neutral.  “All of the city’s parking meters are solar powered and cellular connected in real time,” said Dan Mooney, the City’s Transportation Manager. “We have a lot of data and statistics for matters such as parking enforcement. There is no energy consumption at all from these parking meters and they are very portable, too. So, when we’ve had to relocate them, it’s a very easy process.”

Precise ParkLink is proud to be parking partners with the City of Coquitlam and provide environmentally friendly services and solutions that help make the B.C. community more sustainable.

Watch the Metro Vancouver's segment on Coquitlam's Solar & Pedal Powered Network below...


Population: 126,456
Parking: On-street & off-street
Parking System: Pay-by-License Plate DG7 parking meters
                                 Parking equipment maintenance and technical support
                                 myParkfolio central management system
                                 Whoosh! mobile parking application
                                 Parking Signs

RVH Launches New Program To Help Reduce Patient & Visitor Anxiety


Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) in partnership with Precise ParkLink has developed a new program to help reduce patient and visitor anxiety about where to park and what entrance to use when arriving at the health centre. Entrance Attendants will now welcome patients and visitors outside the Main and Atrium entrances in an effort to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion at entrance roundabouts.

Attendants will help direct cars to the most appropriate entrance based on their reason for visiting the health centre. They will also explain parking pass and payment options, and be able to troubleshoot parking related issues.  

This program is one of many ongoing projects at RVH aimed at improving patient and visitor experience and also to reduce idling vehicles at entrances.

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About Precise ParkLink
Precise ParkLink is a leader in the Canadian Parking Industry. With over 25 years of experience in the Canadian parking market, they have become a complete turnkey parking solution as they bridge the gap between parking operationsparking equipment, parking construction and maintenance, and parking revenue financial services- a claim no other Canadian parking organization can make. 

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Precise ParkLink Urban Mobility & Flowbird Urban Intelligence. The Perfect Urban Connection.


Precise ParkLink’s over 20 year partnership with Parkeon, the world leader in parking and transport ticketing solutions is expanding and identifying with Urban Intelligence. The merger of Parkeon and Cale to Flowbird Urban Intelligence , announced in January, will enable Precise ParkLink to leverage the combined expertise of the two former entities to expand its current national support, service and product network to include the Cale branded products.

Precise ParkLink’s Urban Mobility platform is enhanced by the direction that Flowbird is taking, focusing on digitalization. Canada’s largest parking equipment and managed solutions provider, Precise ParkLink introduces a new brand “Urban Mobility”. It represents the connected services required for all transportation systems which include Parking. Urban Mobility is transportation connectivity which includes parking, transit and transportation systems , bike share, mobile parking applications and electric vehicle charging. Precise ParkLink continues to increase their footprint in the customer service and payment platform space that all modes of transportation require. 

About Precise ParkLink:
Established in 1989 Precise ParkLink currently has 10 locations throughout Canada with over 600 employees. Precise ParkLink has over 15,000 installations across Canada, which include Canada’s largest airports, municipalities, hospitals, universities, colleges and shopping centers.   

Parkeon & Cale Become FLOWBIRD Urban Intelligence


Global leaders in parking and transportation solutions, Parkeon and Cale, join forces to become a new entity, with a new brand—FLOWBIRD specializing in urban intelligence solutions. With newly appointed CEO, Marius Koerselman, formerly CEO of Parkmobile, FLOWBIRD is expected to excel in mobile payment and a cross-data exchange with Parkopedia.

About FLOWBIRD Urban Intelligence
The name FLOWBIRD is inspired by the ease of movement individual birds experience when flying in flocks. Their mission is to make individual travel easy, safe and quick while maximizing and harmonizing the flow of multiple technologies at once.  FLOWBIRD is a software that distributors can use to monitor and manage mobility within cities

FLOWBIRD is determined to become the leader in mobile parking payment solutions. Moreover, FLOWBIRD and Parkopedia have announced cross-data sharing to improve the services offered to both operators and consumers. Parkopedia will provide FLOWBIRD with off-street parking data. In return, FLOWBIRD will provide Parkopedia with on-street parking data to help them develop their services for consumers.  FLOWBIRD currently operates in over 5,000 cities and in 70 countries.
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About Parkeon
Parkeon is a key player in the area of urban mobility. They offer a unique range of solutions for parking management and transportation ticketing. Parkeon has operations in 60 countries and is accelerating growth in the emerging markets in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America. Its capacity to innovate continually is demonstrated every day. Parkeon parking and transportation solutions are facilitating mobility in more than 4000 cities.
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About Cale
Cale offers innovative, reliable and secure parking and transit solutions to improve urban mobility for Smart Cities. Since 1955, Cale has grown to become a parking industry leader. With distributors and customer across the globe Cale’s customized technology for parking terminals, mobile payment solutions and financial transaction handling allows the highly possible focus on the parking operator or driver.  
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Toronto Pearson Named Best Large Airport In North America


Congratulations to our partners at Toronto Pearson International Airport for being named Best Large Airport in North America. This award by the Airports Council International is a first for Toronto Pearson and has come at a time when the airport has invested in a number of measurable improvements to enhance their overall customer experience.

The Greater Toronto Airport Authority’s (GTAA) quest to become the best airport in the world is now reality. Their focus on maintaining their facilities to a high standard while enhancing the passenger experience, safety and security is apparent throughout the entire airport, including parking. Precise ParkLink is honoured to be a long-term partner with the GTAA, where Canada’s most technologically advanced parking system is deployed. We plan to continue to form positive first impressions and award-winning passenger experiences at Toronto Pearson with a parking system that is convenient and upholds top notch security standards. 

Congratulations Toronto Pearson!

Profile: Toronto Pearson International Airport Parking

Parking Lots:           Terminal 1
                                    Value Park Garage
                                    Employee Parking       

Annual Passengers: 40 million +

Parking Spaces:       30,000

Parking System:       Skidata Pay-on-Foot
                                       Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, CT4000 & CPE200
                                       License Plate Recognition Software (LPR)
                                       I PARC™
                                       Employee Parking Management (EPM)
                                       Promotion & Validation Software
                                       Park Assist