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Precise ParkLink: A Supporting Partner to the City of Mississauga

Precise ParkLink Inc.’s community had the pleasure of uniting for The Mississauga Food Bank during the last week of January. Together our donations amounted to 505 pounds of non-perishable food items for those who are hungry in the City of Mississauga!

From the moment we announced that Precise ParkLink Inc. was hosting a food drive, all employees jumped on board and were eager to support the cause. The week long food drive was inspired by the idea that we could make a difference in the city of Mississauga, a community where many of our employees live, and where we’re a key partner.

Precise ParkLink Inc.’s Chief Operating Officer, Luigi Lato expresses that he is “thrilled with the amount of food that was accumulated by the Precise ParkLink community.” He adds, “I look forward to hosting more events that will continue to bring our staff together for a good cause!”

Adding to Luigi Lato’s excitement, Peter Groccia, the Chief Executive Officer of Precise ParkLink Inc. expressed that, “The food drive was a huge success. Precise ParkLink is grateful to be in a position to help ensure that no child, senior, or family goes hungry.”

Look out for Precise ParkLink Inc. as we continue to be a supporting partner to the City of Mississauga and plan to exceed our past accomplishments.

Thank you to all Precise ParkLink Inc. employees who supported the cause!

For more information on Precise ParkLink's success check out the City of Mississauga's Food Bank web site.