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Precise ParkLink "Greens" the Parking Industry with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Precise ParkLink fully endorses the Ontario Government's implementation of the new Climate Change Strategy.

The $20 million grant program seeks to spread electric vehicle charging stations across the province to aid the fight against climate change. The goal is to transition drivers to low- and zero-emission vehicles, to help reduce greenhouse gas pollutants to 80% less than the levels in 1990 by 2050. As a result, electric vehicle charging stations will now be available at all public places across Ontario, including along highways, healthcare institutions, educational facilities, workplaces, shopping centres, hotels, condominiums and more.

Precise ParkLink Inc.'s Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

Precise ParkLink Inc.'s Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

Precise ParkLink entirely supports the Ontario Government's fight against climate change. As a leader in the Canadian Parking Industry with a focus to make parking “green”, Precise ParkLink is eager to assist the Ontario Government during this transition. Using in-house resources, Precise ParkLink has the capacity to install, operate, maintain and support smart electric vehicle charging stations. We offer the very best electric charging station options and we believe that they will exceed the provincial expectations of reliable and fast-charging stations.

Below are the features and benefits of Precise ParkLink's electric vehicle charging stations:

  • They are ergonomically designed for ease-of- use

  • They will fully charge a vehicle’s battery within 4 hours

  • One unit can manage multiple vehicle chargers allowing for more space

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