Precise ParkLink "Scrubs-Up" with Southlake Regional Health Centre's Surgical Team

On Tuesday May 31, 2016, Precise ParkLink attended the exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Southlake Regional Health Centre's Surgical Team. As the largest serving surgical program in all of Ontario, the team is made up of 77 surgeons and 246 nurses who perform 12,535 surgeries per year.

The tour took an in-depth look at the innovative, life-saving technologies and procedures that could make international headlines for our parking partners. While required to "scrub-up" for the tour, Southlake's management team including the head of Thoracic Surgery, Chief of Surgery and very own Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Dave Williams guided the exclusive tour of the hospitals areas that many never get the chance to see. The tour featured the ORs, recovery rooms and newest cutting-edge technologies that support minimally invasive and advanced precision in health care.

The highlights of the tour were the new EndoBronchial Ultrasound (EBUS) for diagnostics and staging of lung cancer, and the new and improved anesthesia machine. Promising no scars and reason to undergo surgery, the EBUS allows for improved accuracy and stage detection of lung cancer. The advanced anaesthesia equipment also promised increased patient safety as it obtains high-end ventilation and monitoring capabilities that allow for an increase in responsiveness to patient changes. The transition to the improved anesthesia equipment must occur as a whole, with every machine in the fleet being replaced at once to avoid differences in the software technology that Southlake anaesthesiologists use to care for patients safely. While the hospital only requires 24 of the new machines, each unit will cost $145,000.00.

Precise ParkLink "Scrubs-Up" with Southlake Regional Health Centre's Surgical Team

As a leader in Canada's parking technology industry Precise ParkLink is proud to partner with an organization that is eager to transition to the most cutting-edge technologies in their field. As a partner to Southlake Regional Health Centre, Precise ParkLink will continue to support the organization's mission to provide world-wise class care, close to home.

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Maria Lato