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Precise ParkLink & Black Creek Pioneer Village Reinforce Strong Partnership with the Burwick House Unveiling

With it's roots in the Black Creek area of North York, Precise ParkLink is honoured to be a supporting member to it's fellow community organizations, including the Black Creek Pioneer Village. On Thursday, June 23, 2016, Precise ParkLink, the Black Creek Pioneer Village community, Toronto and Region Conservation for the Living City and fellow politicians gathered to celebrate the unveiling of the Burwick House in name of Antonio Fabiano. 

The Burwick House at Black Creek Pioneer Village in name of Antonio Fabiano

It was a touching moment for the family who built Precise ParkLink. Having the Burwick House named in memory of a family member illustrates the Black Creek Pioneer Village's gratitude to Precise ParkLink as a partner, and symbolizes their appreciation for their continuous support over the past several years. 

Precise ParkLink's community and family are thankful for the Black Creek Pioneer Village's gesture of appreciation. Precise ParkLink will continue to be a supporting partner to the Black Creek Pioneer Village.

To learn how you can support our partners at the Black Creek Pioneer Village, click here.