Precise ParkLink's Q1 Top Performer Nominees

Precise ParkLink is excited to announce the nominees for the Q1 Employee Top Performer. The purpose of the Top Performer award process is to highlight those who demonstrate the four core employee values on a regular basis. It is also to shed light on the fact that each role at Precise ParkLink is valuable, serves a purpose, and is necessary to maintain Precise ParkLink's title as Canada's Parking Industry Leader. We each serve a function within a system, which directly or indirectly affects and depends on another. The voting period will take place from Monday, March 27 until Friday, March 31st. 

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Precise ParkLink's four core employee values are:
1.    Positive Attitude: Maintains a positive attitude regarding the nature of their work and role, their work place environment, staff events and their relationships with others. 
2.    Performance: A measure of employee reliability, consistency and quality in the delivery of their work.
3.    Company Knowledge: Demonstrates a high level of understanding of the company’s products, services, goals and four pillars of strength (Parking Management, Technology, Design & Implementation and Financial Services).
4.    Mentorship: Performs as a role model and provides guidance to fellow coworkers. 

The Q1 Top Performer will be rewarded with a reserved parking spot from April to June!

Congratulations and best of luck to all nominees!

Maria Lato