V PARC™ The Future Of Parking

A Parking Revolution.

Precise ParkLink’s V PARC™ parking technology is Canada’s first two-way video and voice communication software. An extension of Precise ParkLink’s I PARC™ remote monitoring control centre. V PARC™ connects motorists to our customer service representatives.

Remote Monitoring. Remote Troubleshooting.

An innovative surveillance model allows the V PARC™ team to deliver full-fledged and complete customer service satisfaction. In addition to motorist customer service, V PARC™ can be used to keep a close eye on the parking lot and monitor safety. The software also allows us to virtually troubleshoot parking equipment malfunctions without having to dispatch a technician.

Two-Way Video. Two-Way Voice.

V PARC™ live streams two-way video and audio in real time through internet connectivity.

Real Time. Real You. Real Us. 

V PARC™ representatives respond to customers’ calls within seconds. Both the Customer Service Representative and motorist will be able to see one another when communicating, replicating an in-person interaction.

Reduce Site Visits. Reduce Costs. Optimize Parking Revenue.

Remote troubleshooting and immediate service reduces parking equipment downtime, allowing for increased parking revenue and savings.

A 24/7/365 Customer Connection.

Specially trained staff on duty 24 hours, seven days a week, and 365 days per year for your parking customer service.

English? French? Why Not Both?

V PARC™ representatives are trained in both English and French.

V PARC™. The Ultimate Parking Management Solution. Simplified.

V PARC™ is the only completely functional, leading-edge remote monitoring centre available in Canada, offering a real-time link to Precise ParkLink’s parking systems.


As Canada's parking industry leader for 30 years, our expertise in providing full-service parking solutions has evolved into urban mobility intelligence. We now innovate and support solutions required for all modes of transportation including: public transit, parking, electric car charging stations and bike share.

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