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V PARC™ The Future Of Parking

A Parking Revolution.
Precise ParkLink’s V PARC™ parking technology is Canada’s first two-way video and voice communication software. An extension of Precise ParkLink’s I PARC™ remote monitoring control centre. V PARC™ connects motorists to our customer service representatives.

Remote Monitoring. Remote Troubleshooting.
An innovative surveillance model allows the V PARC™ team to deliver full-fledged and complete customer service satisfaction. In addition to motorist customer service, V PARC™ can be used to keep a close eye on the parking lot and monitor safety. The software also allows us to virtually troubleshoot parking equipment malfunctions without having to dispatch a technician.

Two-Way Video. Two-Way Voice.
V PARC™ live streams two-way video and audio in real time through internet connectivity.

Real Time. Real You. Real Us. 
V PARC™ representatives respond to customers’ calls within seconds. Both the Customer Service Representative and motorist will be able to see one another when communicating, replicating an in-person interaction.

Reduce Site Visits. Reduce Costs. Optimize Parking Revenue.
Remote troubleshooting and immediate service reduces parking equipment downtime, allowing for increased parking revenue and savings.

A 24/7/365 Customer Connection.
Specially trained staff on duty 24 hours, seven days a week, and 365 days per year for your parking customer service.

English? French? Why Not Both?
V PARC™ representatives are trained in both English and French.

V PARC. The Ultimate Parking Management Solution. Simplified.
V PARC™ is the only completely functional, leading-edge remote monitoring centre available in Canada, offering a real-time link to Precise ParkLink’s parking systems.

About Precise ParkLink 

As Canada's largest parking management and equipment provider, Precise ParkLink introduces a new brand "Urban Mobility" representing the connected services required for all modes of transportation which include parking. Urban Mobility is transportation connectivity which include solutions for motorists including parking and electric vehicle charging, transit and transportation systems, and bike share.

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