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5 Recent Innovations That Drive Urban Mobility Forward

Precise ParkLink is recognized for its revolutionary technology innovations that continues to propel the Canadian urban mobility market forward.

Our in-house Research & Development (R&D) division coupled with the exclusivity of being the only Canadian Flowbird Urban Intelligence and SkiData distributor in the country has enabled us to provide our customers top-notch technology solutions.

Below are a few innovations our team is responsible for creating:

1.     V PARC™: Need Help with Parking? Face Time The Parking Attendant
V PARC™ is Canada’s first two-way video and voice parking communication software. It provides motorists with a virtual face-to-face connection with parking attendants when they press the ‘call for assistance’ button on a pay station. V PARC™ provides 24/7/365, multilingual customer service increasing customer reassurance.

2.     Mobile Tap and Go For Parking & Transit
The “tap and go” technology provides the convenience of tapping their debit card, credit card, or mobile device to pay for parking or purchase a transit ticket. Say goodbye to long lines or wait times, tap and go is here!

3.     LCD Display Screens For Parking Meters
The large-sized, colour, and full audio LCD display screen on parking meters can be integrated with parking enforcement software, mobile permit payments, and display advertisements for nearby vendors.  

4.     H PASS™: A Prepaid Parking Card or a Gift Card
H PASS™ was developed in response to the Ontario Ministry of Health’s 2016 Parking Directive. It is a parking card that is prepaid for a certain number of days, allowing for unlimited entry and exit during the prepaid days.

In addition to healthcare, H PASS™ is commonly used as a hotel solution since it can be programmed to work across all hotel locations, enticing guest to continue to choose your chain while travelling.

5.     I PASS™: Tap and Go Monthly Parking Passes
I PASS™, first created for Toronto Pearson International Airport, is a web-based and real-time monthly parking and validation management module that tracks individual usage, generates reports, as well as parking access and arrangements modifications.


As Canada's largest parking management and equipment provider, Precise ParkLink introduces a new brand "Urban Mobility" representing the connected services required for all modes of transportation which include parking. Urban Mobility is transportation connectivity which include solutions for motorists including parking and electric vehicle charging, transit and transportation systems, and bike share.

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