$75 ‘Mobile Payment Notice’ For Illegal Parking At Toronto Pearson Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport has recently experienced a higher volume of illegal parking and has decided to combat the issue with ‘mobile payment notices’, in others words, a parking ticket issued without the drivers knowledge until delivered via mail to their home.

Connected to two major arteries- Highway 427 and Highway 409, drivers picking up family or friends from the airport resort to stalling and parking on highway shoulders in order to avoid circling the airport until their guests arrive. This is considered illegal parking on federal land.

To combat the illegal parking issue Toronto Pearson has decided to issue ‘mobile payment notices’ to illegally parked drivers. There will now be enforcement vehicles with cameras taking pictures of illegally parked license plates.  Mobile payment notices in the amount of $75 will be mailed to the address of the registered vehicle owner.

To avoid illegal parking or circling around the airport multiple times until your guests arrive the airport encourages drivers to park in one of the two cell phone lots located at Network Dr.  The airport ‘cell phone’ parking lots offer free parking for up to 30 minutes and charging stations for electric vehicles.    

Toronto Pearson Airport Map.jpg

To learn more about the airports cell phone lots click here.

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