Parking and Mobility Expertise with Canada’s Parking Industry


Precise ParkLink is proud to be a long-standing member of the Canadian Parking Association (CPA) and to have attended its annual conference and trade show on Monday, October 7, in Victoria, B.C. We extend our sincere gratitude to the CPA for hosting events such as this one that bring communities together in support of a common goal: to make a positive impact on parking and mobility. 

Precise ParkLink is pleased to add its expertise and voice to the conversation surrounding parking and mobility in Canada today. Precise ParkLink delivers full-service parking solutions to thousands of property owners. We rely on our in-house experts to supply and support all of the products and services we offer. By eliminating the need for third-party contractors, we can control quality, provide flexibility, respond immediately, and offer competitive pricing — providing a level of management and technical integration that is best-in-class.

Canadian Parking Association Conference

The CPA is committed to delivering programs that ensure the Canadian parking industry keeps pace with industry developments, and is recognized as a valued contributor to the various communities it serves. The CPA boasts a diverse roster of mobility professionals, mobility concepts, and mobility trends that have a significant impact on the parking industry.


About Precise ParkLink



When Precise ParkLink was founded more than 30 years ago, the company was a two-person field operation with an aspiration to make a difference in the world of parking automation.

Since then, Precise ParkLink has grown into a nation-wide managed services and technology firm with more than 700 employees across Canada, a head office in Toronto, and 11 supporting offices across the country.

But what sets us apart from other parking operators isn’t where we are, it’s what we are: a full-service urban mobility firm. One source for all your parking related needs.

Precise ParkLink manages parking lots on behalf of property owners and supplies cutting-edge technology and services to thousands of clients in the healthcare, municipal, commercial, institutional, and private sectors.

Being a vertically integrated parking management solutions company puts us in a unique position. We can provide a level of management and technical integration that is best-in-class. Just ask the hundreds of clients whom we’ve delivered cost-effective and customer focused solutions to over the years.

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