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Is It Time for a Parking Solution?

As a parking lot owner or manager, how do you know when it’s the right time to implement a paid parking solution?  Below are a few indicators that you may be a successful candidate for a paid parking system:

1.     Prime Location
If your parking facility is located in a city core or near prime locations such as stadiums, restaurants, shops, tourist sites, hospitals, universities, or colleges, your parking facility may be an ideal candidate for a successful paid parking system. Why? Prime locations as such attract high volumes of people, naturally making your parking lot a ‘go to’ spot for parking. Why miss out on all that extra revenue?

2.     Visitor Only Parking
If your parking facility currently offers complimentary parking to visitors, a paid parking system that is virtually enforced is an ideal way to ensure your visitors find parking. It’s time to say good bye to parking spaces being occupied by those going to nearby businesses and hello to a fantastic visitor experience.

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3.     Additional Source of Revenue
Additional revenue is always a plus. Implementing a paid parking system allows you to access annual revenues that you have been missing out on. When partnering with a parking management provider, ensure you choose an organization that abides by the bank security standards and Level-1 (highest level) PCI compliance. This will ensure your parking revenue is accurate and securely transferred into your accounts.

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4.     A Parking Lot with No Parking System
Any parking lot without a controlled parking system is missing out on daily revenues that could put you further ahead. Whether it is a visitor management system ensuring available parking for your guests or staff or a paid parking solution to capitalize property investment, it’s time to start thinking about implementing a parking solution.

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