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Precise ParkLink Partners With The Mississauga Food Bank

As parking partners with the City of Mississauga Precise ParkLink’s community came together the last two weeks of January to help the Mississauga Food Bank overcome their post-holiday dry spell. Together our donations amounted to 440 pounds of non-perishable food items! 

Watch the Video Below To out who the 4 lucky winners of the Food Drive draw are!

Mr. Luigi Lato, Chief Operating Officer at Precise ParkLink expresses that “Precise ParkLink is grateful to be in a position to help ensure that no child, senior or family member goes to bed hungry. We will continue to host internal events that support our surrounding communities and key partners”. Adding to Mr. Lato’s comment, Mr. Peter Groccia, President of Precise ParkLink shares his gratitude with the Precise ParkLink community.  “Thank you to all staff members who participated in the Food Drive for the City of Mississauga. Your participation and positivity is the heart of Precise ParkLink’s community. Lets continue to work together to motivate others to get involved and help build stronger nonprofit organizations that support our communities”.

Precise ParkLink values the City of Mississauga as a key partner and plans to continue supporting the municipality in the years to come. Thank you to all Precise ParkLink staff who supported the cause and continues to be good examples for our community.
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