Precise ParkLink's H PASS Solution Allows Ontario Hospitals to Comply with the Ministry of Health's Hospital Parking Directive

In January, 2016, the Ontario Ministry of Health released a Hospital Parking Directive that took a scalpel to one of the main financial arteries that supports patient and visitor care. With only eight months to find a solution Precise ParkLink's in-house Research and Development team worked diligently to innovate a software that would allow it's Ontario healthcare partners to comply with this mandate.

Precise ParkLink's H PASS Solution Logo

Precise ParkLink's H PASS Solution Logo

On Saturday, October 1st, 2016, Precise ParkLink successfully launched the H PASS Solution, Powered by Precise ParkLink, in over 30 Ontario hospitals. The H PASS Solution enables Precise ParkLink's healthcare partners to provide 5, 10 and 30 days passes that are:

  • Discounted by 50 percent of the hospitals' daily parking rate,
  • Transferrable between patients, caregivers and visitors,
  • Equipped with in-and-out privileges during a true 24 hour time period,
  • And valid for one year from the date that the H PASS card is activated.

As Canada's Parking Industry Leader with over twenty-five years of experience Precise ParkLink is recognized for its expertise in parking technology that continues to drive the Canadian Parking market forward. Precise ParkLink is proud to be able to combine it's parking management and operational expertise with it's technological backbone in order to serve it's parking partners with the most advanced parking solutions.

Click here for more information on the H PASS Solution.

Maria Lato