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Top 5 Benefits of Installing EV Chargers

  1. Number of EV Drivers Skyrockets
    Over the past decade, EV purchases have steadily increased. In 2017, the number of EV purchases made in Ontario more than doubled since the year before, giving rise to the demand for EV charging stations.

  2. Car Manufacturers Growing Commitment to EV Output 
    Numerous car manufacturers are investing in the future of electric vehicles. The majority of car manufacturers have included EV models in their future specs and have begun the manufacturing process and/or release of these models. Volvo, for instance, has set its sights on releasing only EV or hybrid cars by 2019, making it the first car company to stop selling vehicles that rely on diesel and gas.

    Similarly, Mercedes-Benz plans to release electric versions of all its vehicle models by 2022—and, starting in 2021, BMW models will be built on modular platforms capable of accommodating fully electric and plug-in hybrid.

  3. Additional Revenue Stream
    The Ontario government has recently allowed for EV charging stations owners to charge a user fee to EV drivers looking to charge their vehicle. This will help cover the cost of installing an EV charging station that isn’t covered by the WEVCIP. In the long run, this user fee can be an additional source of parking revenue for your organization.

  4. Sustainability & LEED Points 
    Installing an EV charging station can earn your business LEED points with Canada’s Green Building Council—helping you stand out from the competition, improve your amenity infrastructure, meet your sustainability goals, and earn incremental revenue.

  5. Put Your Business on The Map
    When businesses install EV charging stations, they become a part of a public, national network. Using their mobile devices, EV drivers can locate available stations. Become an early adopter and you’ll gain loyal EV drivers—a sure way to increase your parking revenue.


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