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Top 5 Benefits of I PASS™ Monthly Parking Software

I PASS™ is Precise ParkLink’s cloud-based, monthly parking solution that manages over 200,000 individual monthly parking accounts across Canada. Thinking about offering monthly parking passes to your parking patrons? Here are the top five benefits of doing so (with I PASS™ that is):

1.     Recurring Revenue
Offering monthly parking allows you to secure parking revenue each month. Even if a monthly parking account is cancelled part way through the month, you will still receive your full payment for that month. 

2.     Ultimate Data Security
I PASS™ provides the utmost protection of subscriber data.  There are multiple layers of security to ensure that the personal information of your monthly parking pass holders is protected using bank security standards.

3.     Integration with Third-Party Applications
I PASS™ allows for the dynamic exchange of information with third-party systems.  These systems include: payroll, student and staff ID badges, Pay-by-Phone apps, parking meters, and more.  

4.     Robust Reporting
I PASS™ includes a wide variety of pre-defined reports that allow you to review financial reports, statistical information, trends, and transaction details. 

5.     Waitlist Management
The I PASS™ waitlist module allows users to subscribe to a waitlist for preferred parking lots that are unavailable at the time of their permit application.   

Contact us if you are interested in offering I PASS™ to your customers or improving your current monthly parking system. 


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