Transit & Parking Technology

We are recognized for our revolutionary transit & parking technology that continues to propel Canadian markets forward. Our in-house research and development team coupled with the exclusivity of being the only Canadian Flowbird and SkiData distributor enables us to innovate and integrate highly scalable technologies.

Our Parking Technology

Below are a few hardware and software integrations our in-house research and development team is responsible for.


Pay-by-Phone Parking

Flowbird mobile parking app allows motorist to pay for parking on the go using web enabled devices. Features include: a user-friendly payment wheel, GPS locator for parking lots, text message expiration alerts, and the ability to stop, start and extend parking.


Promotions & Validations

Make validating parking for special guests easy. Our promotion and validation software stems from a stand-alone validation terminal providing you the ability to offer free or discounted parking using a barcode reader mobile devices and print.


Remote Monitoring & Response

Enjoy the same peace of mind as you would with onsite parking staff, but at a fraction of the cost. Our monitoring facility has a real-time, two-way visual and audio connection to our systems.


Tap And Go Payments

We can program all of our pay stations to accept barcode, mobile, debit and credit card payments using tap and go technology enabling quick and easy transactions for commuters and steady day-to-day traffic flow for your operation.


Prepaid Parking Cards

H PASS™ is a prepaid parking pass that is preloaded for a specific number of days providing drivers the convenience of having to pay for parking only once while having unlimited entrance and exit to the parking lot during the prepaid days.


Monthly Parking Software

Secure monthly parking revenue by offering your staff and regular visitors the option of a monthly parking pass. Our monthly parking solution is used to manage over 100,000 monthly subscribers.


License Plate Recognition

Track when, where and who enters your parking facility using license plate recognition (LPR). Our LPR system has been successfully deployed around the world. The system scans, reads, processes and stores license plate images and data.


Software Development

There will come a time when you will need your parking system to interact with a third party technology, need an updated payment method, or hardware integration. Luckily, our in-house research and development team has you covered.

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