DG4 Pay-and-Display Parking Meters

“Precise ParkLink’s parking equipment is very reliable. They always make sure it’s properly programmed for event dates, which is very important to us being that we are near two stadiums”

— Michael Lopez, General Manager, Sandman Vancouver City Centre Hotel

The DG4 Pay-and-Display parking meter is a tried and proven, robust sixth generation parking meter. Due to the large number (12,000+) of Precise ParkLink DG4 Pay-and-Display parking meters deployed we offer our customers savings based on the “economies of scale” with the following benefits:

  • Reduced product acquisition cost

  • In-house (i.e., rental, rent to own, leasing, lease to purchase - 30% residuals, and outright purchase) custom financing packages

  • After a one-year warranty expiration, we offer extended parts warranty at a flat rate per meter.

For more information about Precise ParkLink's DG4 Pay-and-Display parking meters, contact us.


The World’s Most Powerful Parking Meter

vandal resistant & weather proof

The parking meters are treated with six coats of weather resistant coating. The weather resistant enamel provides a tough, scratch resistant and easy to clean surface. All external painted surfaces are:

  • Anti-UV and anti-graffiti

  • Corrosion resistant

ultimate Security

Security is a prime consideration in the design of our parking meters:

  • Tested against the international security standard EN14450

  • Designed to withstand all types of vandalism, in particular, attempted theft of cash contents

  • Latest in electronic locking technology

  • Real time alarms alerting staff when a door is opened

Robust Reporting

Standard reporting for the DG4 parking meters consist of:

  • Real-time transaction information

  • All two-way communications including failures

  • Detailed financial transaction information

  • Revenue collection

  • Cash box levels and coin levels

  • Coin collection

performance is always on our radar

All parking meters we deploy are connected to our service centre, allowing us to detect and attend to maintenance, out-of-order and collection alarms immediately:

  • Door open detection, break-in alarm or service agent access

  • Coin collection, coin or card jam, card reader fault

  • Low or out of paper supply

  • Low battery voltage or battery faults

  • Communication failure, operating or system fault

  • Printer failures (printer feed, printer cutting) or receipt jam

Withstands Canadian Temperatures

Our parking meters are designed to continuously operate in extreme cold weather, rated at -25°C to +55°C, with continuous, sustained operation under solar power operation without an external heater. It can withstand up to 95% relative humidity at +55°C.

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