DG7 pay-and-display parking Meters





“Precise ParkLink’s parking equipment is very reliable. They always make sure it’s properly programmed for event dates, which is very important to us being that we are near two stadiums”
— Michael Lopez, General Manager, Vancouver City Centre, Sandman Hotel

The DG7 Strada Pay-and-Display parking meter is Parkeon Strada’s newest generation constructed to meet a variety of diverse parking needs. The DG7 Strada Pay-and-Display parking meter is the most popular multi-space meter solution in Canada, with the largest installation base being in North America. Precise ParkLink is the exclusive Parkeon distributor for Canada.

The DG7 Strada Pay-and-Display parking meter provides the following upgrades to the DG4 Pay-and-Display parking meter:

  • Operates autonomously with solar power and wireless communications
  • Features a capacitive keyboard for easy conversion into Pay-by-License Plate configuration
  • Utilizes wireless communication for online credit card authorization
  • Integration with proposed Whoosh mobile parking, validated parking for special guest and parking enforcement applications
  • Fully compliant with provincial accessibility requirements 
  • Increasing commercial parking capacity by 10-15%

To learn more about Precise ParkLink's DG4 Pay-and-Display parking meters, contact us and download the product specifications. 

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