Developed as a healthcare and hotel parking solution, the H PASS™  is a parking pass that is preloaded for a specific number of days providing motorists the convenience of having to pay for parking only once while having unlimited entrance and exit to the parking lot for the amount of days they prepaid.

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“Precise ParkLink’s efforts to help its healthcare clients meet the 2016 Ontario healthcare mandate and ensure we were ready for the deadline was very impressive. Other parking companies did not have solution like H PASS to meet the mandate as quickly and efficiently as Precise ParkLink did.”
— Susan McClean, Chief Operating Officer Strathroy Middlesex Hospital Alliance


The Ultimate Hotel & Healthcare Parking Solution

H PASS™ is the ultimate hotel and healthcare parking solution for frequent visitors to your parking lot. The parking pass can be prepaid for 3,5,10 or 100 days of parking for the year. 

Unlimited Entrance & Exit

With the H PASS™ motorists have the convenience of unlimited entrance and exit to and from your parking lot in a day without being charged more than once. 

One-Time Payment

H PASS™ cards are preloaded with 3,5,10 or 100 days of parking in a year. Passes expire after one year. 

Multi-Campus Use

Does your hospital or hotel have multiple locations? H PASS™ can be programmed to work across all of your locations, enticing motorists to choose your organization repeatedly. 

Family Pass

An H PASS™ account can be programmed on up to five H PASS™ cards. This is the perfect solution for family members. 

Track Usages 

All H PASS™ users will have access to an exclusive account allowing them to track how many days of parking they have used. 

H PASS™ Dispensary 

H PASS™ cards can be sold at a front desk, parking office or through an H PASS™ card dispensary provided by Precise ParkLink. 

H PASS™ For Healthcare 

Precise ParkLink's in-house research and development team created H PASS™ in 2017 once the Ontario government released a parking mandate to all Ontario hospital charging over $10.00 a day for parking. Below is a video outlining the 2017 hospital parking mandate that features how H PASS™ can be used for healthcare organizations. 

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