Offer Prepaid Parking Cards

Developed as a healthcare and hotel parking solution, the H PASS™  is a prepaid parking pass that is preloaded for a specific number of days providing drivers the convenience of having to pay for parking only once while having unlimited entrance and exit to the parking lot during the prepaid days.


For Hotels & Hospitals

H PASS™ is the ultimate hotel and healthcare parking solution for frequent visitors. It can be used across hospital campuses for patient convenience and across hotel locations, enticing guest to continue to choose your chain while travelling.


Pass Features

A prepaid parking pass preloaded with parking sessions (days). During a parking session, drivers have unlimited access to the parking lot. Passes are preloaded with 3, 5,10 or 100 days of parking in a year and can be programmed on up to five H PASS™ cards for family accounts. Users are able to track their sessions online.


Sell After Hours

Sell H PASS™ cards after hours and overnight with an H PASS™ vending machine. Precise ParkLink supplies vending machines exclusive to H PASS™ allowing you to collect parking revenue at all times while providing all guests, patients and visitors top notch customer service.

Watch H PASS™ For Healthcare 

Precise ParkLink's in-house research and development team created H PASS™ in 2017 once the Ontario government released a parking mandate to all Ontario hospital charging over $10.00 a day for parking. Below is a video outlining the 2017 hospital parking mandate that features how H PASS™ can be used for healthcare organizations.