Parking Meters You Can Rely On

We are known for our iconic multi-space and solar powered parking meters spread across Canada. Our models are proven to be the world’s most robust parking meters as a result of:

  • Scratch resistant, anti-UV and anti-graffiti exterior tolerant to extreme Canadian temperatures

  • Ultimate theft security using the latest locking technology

  • Real time connection to our service centre enabling immediate response to maintenance and technical alerts

  • Bank security financial processing

Parking Meter Types

We offer the following parking meters. Contact us to learn which model suits your needs and circumstances best.


DG4 Pay-and-Display

The DG4 Pay-and-Display parking meter was the first automated parking meter ever to be installed in Canada. To date, we’ve installed 20,000+ of it’s kind and as a result are able to offer customers cost savings based on economies of scale.


Pay-by-License Plate

Pay-by-License Plate parking meter replace the need for drivers to display a parking receipt on their dash board. They read more than just license plates including: permit numbers, student ID numbers and special codes.


Strada Pay-and-Display

The Strada Pay-and-Display parking meter is the latest generation of the DG4 Pay-and-Display parking meter. It’s known for it’s slim form and ability into convert to a Pay-by-License Plate parking meter.

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