Parking Staff





“Our full-time parking attendant, Jane-Anne, is of huge value to us! She acts both as a parking attendant but also directs our patients and visitors. She is viewed as a member of our team and gets involved in our community and committees.”
— Joseph Mancuso, Director of Support Services & General Manager Quinte Health Care

Precise ParkLink’s parking staff are trained to meet your specific requirements. Precise ParkLink’s training programs for onsite parking staff include live practical sessions under the leadership of management and experienced personnel.  Our customer service workshops serve as a foundation for our onsite parking attendants ensuring they are prepared to operate and engage professionally and courteously; also ensuring the customer’s entry and exit to and from the parking facility is fast and efficient. Onsite parking staff responsibilities may include (but are not limited to):

  • Providing customer service to motorists
  • Parking enforcement
  • Selling parking passes
  • Basic parking equipment repairs

For more information about Precise ParkLink's parking staff, contact us and download the service specifications.

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