Pay-by-License Plate Parking meters 





“Precise ParkLink’s parking equipment is very reliable. They always make sure it’s properly programmed for event dates which is very important to us being that we are near two stadiums.”
— Michael Lopez, General Manager, Vancouver City Centre, Sandman Hotel

Precise ParkLink’s Pay-by-License Plate solar powered and multi-spaced parking meter has been transformed into the most technologically advanced parking meter provided in the Canadian parking industry. The single unit parking meter:

  • Replaces the need for motorists to display a parking receipt on their dash board
  • Ergonomically designed, requiring a maximum installation space of 11 square inches while accepting and powering parking payments for up to 45 parking spaces
  • Seamless keyboard with advanced induction keys
  • Large-sized LCD display screen powering: parking enforcement software, mobile parking technology, promotion advertising (i.e.,  commercials, demos, screen savers)

For more information about Precise ParkLink's Pay-by-License Plate parking meters, contact us and download the product specifications. 

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