North America’s First Digital Hospital: Humber River Hospital

Precise ParkLink’s longstanding client is now North America’s first “fully digital” hospital! In addition to the existing fully automated parking system by Precise ParkLink, the hospital has continued the digital trend internally.

The new site on Wilson Avenue uses state-of-the-art medical equipment that has been designed to provide quality care to patients on a greater level. For example, all patient beds obtain a touch pad that permits phone calls, room temperature adjustments, and access to medical charts. Robotic arms will be used to deliver medication, linens and food to patients. There is also a digitized drug management system that is being used to count and verify drug expiration dates.

Visitors to hospital will also benefit from the digitalization. The parking system has been enhanced with the integration of Park Assist’s way finding system, powered by Precise ParkLink. The lighted system assists drivers in finding a parking spot and their way around the parking garages. Moreover if you happen to lose track of where you parked your car, Park Assist can identify where you parked using a Licence Plate Recognition software.

Precise ParkLink is honoured to partner and facilitate Humber River’s transition and achievement in being the first fully digital hospital.

Congratulations to Humber River Hospital!

Digital Contractor