Downtown Burlington Upgrades with Precise ParkLink's Pay-By-Plate Parking Machines

The City of Burlington has chosen to upgrade its parking throughout the downtown core with Precise ParkLink's Parkeon Pay-By-Plate parking machines and mobile parking solution called TelePark.  As soon as mid-May, motorist can expect to start using the Pay-By-Plate parking machines in municipal lots, the parking garage on Locust Street and on the streets throughout downtown Burlington.  

Mr. Vito Tolone, Burlington’s Director of Transportation says that the city is “excited to introduce the new parking the Pay-By-Plate technology will give users a lot more flexibility... with more payment options, including the ability to top up their parking time remotely ”.

Precise ParkLink will be replacing the existing parking meters incrementally over the next several weeks. Residents and visitors to the city can expect to feel tremendous relief when it comes to parking because Precise ParkLink’s Pay-By-Plate system is a radical improvement from the old 1980 parking meters. The City of Burlington plans to salvage as many of the parts of the previous meters and recycle as much as possible.

Precise ParkLink's Parkeon DG7 Pay-By-Plate Parking Machine

Precise ParkLink's Parkeon DG7 Pay-By-Plate Parking Machine


Below are a few features and benefits of Precise ParkLink's Parkeon Pay-By-Plate parking machines and mobile TelePark solution:

  • Parkers can subscribe to to avoid having to pay at a parking machine- they can start and stop parking from their mobile device
  • Multiple payment options are accepted including coin, credit and online via your mobile device by accessing
  • Motorists are no longer required to indicate proof of payment on their dashboard
  • The opportunity to park at various locations (in the downtown core) with a single payment- provided that the three hour on-street parking limit in a single zone is not overextended
  • The option to top up a parking purchase using a mobile device at
  • Renew monthly parking permits online (instead of in person)
  • An increase in the amount of available parking space

For more information on the City of Burlington's transition to Precise ParkLink's Pay-By-Plate parking machines, click here.


Maria Lato