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Precise ParkLink Spins for Seneca College

On Friday, May 27, 2016 the Precise ParkLink community Spun for Seneca to assist the students of Seneca College who are in need of financial support in order to accomplish their goals.

The fair themed event sparked an overwhelming amount of support and excitement from Precise ParkLink's staff members. While munching on and enjoying some popcorn and cotton candy, Precise ParkLink's staff eagerly lined up for their chance to spin the prize wheel. Each spin was a double win- a dollar amount going to Seneca College and a gift card for the spinner. Within three hours the Precise ParkLink community raised $5,000.00 for the Seneca College Foundation!

Precise ParkLink Spins for Seneca College


The day ended with Ms. Cynthia Luey, the Special Project Officer from Seneca Colleges Foundation taking a whirl at the prize wheel and expressing the Colleges gratitude to Precise ParkLink.

Precise ParkLink raised $5,000.00 for Seneca College

Mr. Luigi Lato, Precise ParkLink's Chief Operating Officer concluded the ceremony by presenting Ms. Cynthia Luey with the $5,000.00 donation. He then announced that, "Precise ParkLink tremendously values its relationship with Seneca College, not only as a parking partner but also as a fellow community organization as many of our employees are proud graduates from Seneca. We look forward to being able to continue to work with and grow our already strong relationship Seneca College".

Precise ParkLink and Seneca College have been parking partners since 2012. Seneca College is a fully managed parking client of Precise ParkLink. To learn more about the services Precise ParkLink provides Seneca College, please click here.

To learn how you can support Seneca College, click here.