How It's Made: The World's Smartest Parking Meters

Episode 1: Creating A Power Proof Shell

Watch the video below to learn how the world's smartest parking meter is created.  Episode 1 outlines the first steps which begins with transforming the housing of the parking meter to create a vandal-resistant 11-guage steel shell that safeguards the internal components of the world's smartest parking meter.

About the DG green program

The DG Green certified series program aims to save the environment—one parking meter at a time. 

A branch of Precise ParkLink's EnviroLink™ program committed to minimizing our environmental impacts, the DG Green certified series program has, to date, saved 1,950 tons (3,900,000 pounds) of waste from being disposed. 

Get a behind-the-scenes preview of how Canada's most popular parking meters are made.
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As Canada's largest parking management and equipment provider, Precise ParkLink introduces a new brand "Urban Mobility" representing the connected services required for all modes of transportation which include parking. Urban Mobility is transportation connectivity which include solutions for motorists including parking and electric vehicle charging, transit and transportation systems, and bike share.

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