Precise ParkLink’s Top 5 Parking Technologies of 2018

Precise ParkLink is recognized for its revolutionary parking technology that continues to propel the Canadian parking market forward.  With in-house research and development resources, we are able to establish and devise highly innovative and scalable parking technologies that are affordable for our clients, and benefit the day-to-day parking interactions their customers have.

Below we’ve ranked five of our new technologies, all introduced this year.

#5 ChargePoint™ Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

Coming in at number five are our ChargePoint™ EV charging stations.  Precise ParkLink decided to distribute ChargePoint™ stations exclusively since they offer the most durable and technologically advanced charging stations in the market. Precise ParkLink provides the infrastructure planning, installation, and ongoing technical and maintenance support for these stations.

Learn more about ChargePoint™ EV charging stations.

#4 H PASS™ Hotel Parking Passes

At number four we have our H PASS™ Hotel Parking Passes.  Initially developed as a hospital pass in response to the Ontario Government’s Hospital Parking Directive in 2016, the H PASS™ software has since evolved to become Canada’s number one hotel parking solution. Under the H PASS™ umbrella, hotel guests can now benefit from unlimited in-and-out privileges both to and from the hotel parking lot for a one-time fee.

Learn more about H PASS™.   

#3 Whoosh! Pay-by-Phone Parking

Sitting at number three is Whoosh!, a Pay-by-Phone parking technology that allows users to pay for parking in real time using a mobile device.  Launched this year, Whoosh! is known for its user-friendly interface. The app not only allows motorists to pay for parking by phone; it includes best-in-class features, such as parking expiration alerts and the ability to extend parking stays.

Learn more about the capabilities of Whoosh! Pay-by-Phone parking.

#2 V PARC™

The runner up is Precise ParkLink’s V PARC™ parking technology, Canada’s first two-way video and voice communication software. In an effort to increase customer reassurance and parking lot safety, Precise ParkLink created V PARC™ so motorists will no longer have to wonder who they’re speaking with when they push the “press for assistance button” on our parking equipment. Now they’ll be able to see our remote customer service representatives’ friendly faces as they speak to them!

Learn more about V PARC™.

#1 Mobile Tap Payment (Coming Soon!)

Taking the number one spot is mobile tap payment. Precise ParkLink’s in-house research and development team is working diligently to launch the new mobile payment solution. Soon, motorists will no longer have to reach for their wallet to pay for parking. Instead, they’ll have the convenience of tapping their cell phone to pay at our parking lot exits.

Contact us if you are interested in being one of the first to integrate mobile tap payment for your parking facility.


As Canada's largest parking management and equipment provider, Precise ParkLink introduces a new brand "Urban Mobility" representing the connected services required for all modes of transportation which include parking. Urban Mobility is transportation connectivity which include solutions for motorists including parking and electric vehicle charging, transit and transportation systems, and bike share.

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