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Increase Your Parking Revenue Using Digital Marketing

You may be thinking to yourself: What can digital marketing really do for my stadium’s parking facility? Today, nearly 92% of drivers pre-plan their parking with a quick online search prior to heading to their destination, making digital marketing that much more imperative to the success of your stadium parking operation.

Set Expectations

Whether they’re searching for event information or parking directions, the first touchpoint for many of your attendees is online. Reassure your visitors with a strong online presence that tells them exactly what to expect when parking at your stadium. Everything about your parking, from directions and rates to how to use the parking pay stations, should be available online. Entice drivers to choose your lot by making it easy to find all the answers.

Get on Google Maps

Putting your parking lot on Google Maps is critical in today’s commercial parking market. Because if drivers aren’t pre-planning their parking, then they’re searching for parking while driving and following directions from Google Maps. By not listing a P for your parking lot location on Google Maps, you’re not tapping into a  huge chunk of the market, and as a result, forfeiting significant revenue.

Make a Measurable Plan

In order to achieve a strong online presence, stadiums need to develop a digital marketing plan.  The great thing about digital marketing is that its results are measurable, allowing you to see your return on investment with the simple click of a mouse.  

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