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Property Manager’s Guide: Great Shopping Experiences Start with Parking

As a property manager for a retail centre, it’s your job to make sure that customers leave your property eager to return. And their shopping experience begins and ends with parking. So, what’s the secret to a successful shopping spree? Making the parking experience stress free. Here’s how to make it happen:

Guide Shoppers with Park Assist

Reduce search time by up to 44% with Park Assist, an innovative ultrasonic parking guidance system that’s used to minimize traffic within parking facilities. Park Assist will increase your facility’s efficiency by displaying real-time parking occupancy and guiding shoppers to the nearest available parking space. Red and green lights above parking stalls indicate whether a stall is occupied, which makes finding parking a breeze.     

Show Shoppers What’s in Store with Proper Wayfinding

Help customers find parking in a flash. Installing proper and visible signage in your parking lots is an essential component for a pleasant shopping experience, helping with traffic control and mitigating risk on your property.

Enhance the Customer Experience with Valet Parking

Give your shoppers the luxury experience they crave. Offer valet parking services and treat your shoppers like VIP, ensuring they arrive at their destination on-time and without any hassle. In addition to valet jockeys, you can improve the day-to-day parking experience of your customers with on-site staff that specifically trained for your operation. That will allow you to focus on what you do best — free of parking-related challenges.

Reassure Shoppers with the Click of a Mouse

Your online presence is your first customer touchpoint. Shoppers routinely search for information such as where to park, whether a property has EV charging stations, and where the closest entrance to their destination is. It’s likely these shoppers are going to research your property online prior to visiting. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to maximize your online presence and local search visibility.

Electrify Your Parking

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations are one of the fastest-growing trends in parking today. With the steady growth of EV drivers in Canada, EV charging stations are no longer considered a frivolous expense, but instead a major asset and revenue generator for property owners. Electrify your parking by providing your shoppers with EV charging stations.

Hear, See, and Respond — 24/7

For a fraction of the cost of on-site staff, you can enjoy the same peace of mind with remote monitoring and response. Our monitoring team will ensure your shoppers’ parking inquiries are handled at all times, even when your on-site staff aren’t there.

Trusted and Reliable Pay Stations

Choose parking equipment that can withstand high volumes of traffic and the thousands of visitors that pass through your property each day. Reliable parking equipment will not only increase your parking revenue; it will satisfy your tenants’ customers, too.

Make a Lasting Impression with Parking Facility Maintenance

Welcome your shoppers with a positive first impression and a pleasant parking experience.  Parking facility maintenance includes services such as asphalt and concrete infrastructure, line painting, snow removal and de-icing, landscaping and cleaning, and waste removal.  

Provide the ultimate parking experience. Keep your tenants happy and ensure their customers are always thinking fondly about their next visit.

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