Metro Vancouver Features Precise ParkLink's Solar-Powered Meters

Metro Vancouver recently ran a segment on how the City of Coquitlam is expanding it's infrastructure to make it easier for people to park their cars, rides their bikes, and charge their phones while on the move— and the power of the sun is playing a big part. 

Metro Vancouver began the segment by highlighting Precise ParkLink’s solar-powered Pay-by-License Plate DG7 parking meter, which operate completely off the grid, making them entirely carbon-neutral.  “All of the city’s parking meters are solar powered and cellular connected in real time,” said Dan Mooney, the City’s Transportation Manager. “We have a lot of data and statistics for matters such as parking enforcement. There is no energy consumption at all from these parking meters and they are very portable, too. So, when we’ve had to relocate them, it’s a very easy process.”

Precise ParkLink is proud to be parking partners with the City of Coquitlam and provide environmentally friendly services and solutions that help make the B.C. community more sustainable.

Watch the Metro Vancouver's segment on Coquitlam's Solar & Pedal Powered Network below...

Profile: City of Coquitlam Parking System

Population: 126,456
Parking: On-street & off-street
Parking System: Pay-by-License Plate DG7 parking meters
                                 Parking equipment maintenance and technical support
                                 myParkfolio central management system
                                 Whoosh! mobile parking application
                                 Parking Signs

Maria Lato