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Parking Solutions For Student Mindsets

It’s no surprise that students don’t want to pay for parking. It would be impossible however for you to run your school without the stream of parking revenue funding your student programs and opportunities.  

How then can your institution reduce the common struggle students face against parking? Implementing parking that is geared toward the youthful, forward thinking and all-about-convenience mindsets of your students is the answer. Here’s a few parking solutions that your students will approve of…

Pay-by-Phone Parking App

According to the average student, everything should be available via an app. Increase parking payment by eliminating the need for students to have to pay for parking at a meter. If your school doesn’t have a Pay-by-Phone parking app by now, you’re behind, and your students are feeling it.

Tap and Go Payment Solutions

A necessary payment solution for campuses with gated parking equipment is tap and go—with debit, credit or a mobile device. Students are notorious for not having cash on them. It’s time to gear your parking operation to your students. They want ultimate convenience. And this can be delivered with tap and go payment technology.

One Card For Everything

The all-about-convenience mindset of students extends to having one card for everything—meal plans, library access, parking pass—you name it. Working with a parking provider who has the research and development expertise to make this happen is key.  

Digital Marketing

If you’re not online, you may as well not even exist. Your visitors, new students, or students who don’t drive regularly will want to research where to park, how much parking costs, and learn about the different types of parking passes online. If you haven’t already, it’s time to maximize your online presence and local search visibility so your students can find you online.

Shuttle Services

Shuttle services are an ideal solution for large campuses with far or off-campus parking. School shuttle drivers are trained to know where all building entrances are making sure your students arrive on-time. 

Bike Share

Offering bike share is a great way to let your students enjoy and travel across campus. The amenity will provide an additional source of revenue, while being a popular choice for students and staff travelling across campus.

Signage and Wayfinding

Help your students find out how to get to their class or find their car. Providing proper and very visible signage for your campus is a crucial component for your parking operation not only for health and safety, but also to reduce student stress. 

Onsite Parking Staff with Remote Monitoring and Response

If you have the budget for onsite parking attendants, you already know how important they are to your parking operation. It can however become costly to have parking staff on duty at all times.

This is where remote monitoring and response comes in handy. At a fraction of the cost, you can enjoy the same peace of mind as you would with onsite staff, ensuring your student and visitor parking inquiries are taken care of at all times, including staff breaks and after hours.

Gear your parking operations to suit the student mindset.

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