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What’s the Craze Over Hospital Parking Ambassadors?

Healthcare providers are always looking for ways to improve their visitor and patient care, especially in areas where high anxiety tends to be triggered, like — you guessed it — the parking lot. The popularity of Parking Ambassadors in the healthcare industry is real. Today, 60% of Canadian hospitals are contemplating introducing a Parking Ambassador program, due to its high success rate.

What are Parking Ambassadors? And, more importantly, can your hospital afford them?

From the moment they enter your grounds, Parking Ambassadors alleviate patient and visitor anxiety, and are responsible for duties such as:

  • Opening vehicle doors for patients

  • Assisting patients in and out of their vehicles, and into the hospital

  • Providing wheelchair assistance if required

  • Offering valet services

  • Providing direction and general information


Going the extra mile for patient care with a warm welcome from Parking Ambassadors sounds great, but can your organization afford them? This depends on things like the size of your hospital as well as peak hours. However, if you have a profitable parking operation, it’s likely that you can afford to invest in Parking Ambassadors.

Find out how much Parking Ambassadors will cost for your parking operation and if they’re the right solution for you.


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