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Hospital Parking Solutions That Alleviate Anxiety

Hospital care is something we all experience at some point in our lives. Upon arrival, the first thoughts to cross our minds are: Where do I park? How much does it cost? Do I park first and then walk the distance to the entrance, or do I drop my ailing family member off first and have them wait while I go find parking? All of these concerns heighten the feelings of anxiety that your patients and their visitors are already experiencing.

As an integral member of the healthcare industry, your main goal is to alleviate that anxiety and create safe and suitable conditions for everyone, no matter their physical and mental abilities.

So, what can your healthcare organization do to alleviate patient and visitor anxiety at your first touch point, the parking lot? Here are a few parking solutions…

Parking Ambassadors

Parking Ambassador Programs are becoming more and more popular among hospital parking operations. Trained on the ins and outs of your hospital, parking ambassadors follow your hospital protocols while greeting your patients and visitors, providing them with direction, opening car doors, and assisting patients in and out of their vehicles or with a wheelchair, if required. 

Valet Services

Valet services are no longer just for hotels. They’re now widely used throughout the healthcare sector to allow your patients and their caregivers the opportunity to stay together. Hospital valet teams are trained to provide patient care, and they understand that, should the need arise, they may have to assist patients in and out of their vehicles as well as find a wheelchair for those who require one.

Shuttle Services

Your hospital grounds likely cover more ground than the average patient or senior can walk. Shuttle services are the perfect solution for far away or off-campus parking lots. They allow your patients and visitors to get where they need to go safely and quickly. Hospital shuttle drivers are trained to know where each entrance to your hospital is, and what care units are nearby.

Digital Marketing

Today, 92% of your visitors plan their parking prior to visiting their loved ones in the hospital. They search online to find out everything from where to park, to how much parking costs, to learning about the pros and cons of long-term parking passes. It’s imperative that you maximize your online presence and local search visibility, so your visitors can find the answers to their questions.

Signage and Wayfinding

Most of the time, your emergency department visitors are in a panic and may not notice signs or know where to go. That’s why it’s important to make proper and ultra-visible signage a crucial component of your hospital parking lots. Signage that’s geared toward patient and visitor care is vital for a successful parking operation.

On-site Parking Staff vs. Remote Monitoring and Response

If you’ve made room in your budget for on-site parking attendants, then you already know how conducive they are to a seamless parking operation. That said, it can become costly to have parking staff on duty 24/7.

This is where remote monitoring and response comes in handy. At a fraction of the cost, you can enjoy the same peace of mind as you would with the presence of on-site staff. Remote monitoring and response ensures your patients and visitor parking inquiries are taken care of at all times, including parking staff breaks, overnight and statutory holidays.

Reduce your patient and visitor anxiety with full-service parking operations.

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