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Parking Solutions That’ll Sell Out Your Hotel Event Space

Complimentary parking is a perk that most event planners require. If you’re having a hard time selling out your hotel event space, access to parking might be a factor. 

Whether you position it as a free value-add or all-inclusive approach, consider including parking fees in your quote for the event space. When it comes to the logistics, here’s how it’ll pan out:

Parking Fee Infographic.png

Event Guest Registration: The Tablet

Welcome event guests with complimentary parking using a quick and easy parking validation solution—a cloud-based registration tablet that requires guests to input their licence plate number.

Validation tablets can be set up outside of the event space, or with your concierge. They communicate to your hotel or parking provider how many parking spaces are occupied during an event and by which vehicles, ensuring no event guest are ticketed. Another perk of using validation tablets? You can require much guest information as you see fit during the registration process, such as an email address, which can then be reused to market your hotel.

Validation Using QR Codes or Pre-Registration

Email or mail a QR code to event guests prior to the event, or provide them with one on their way out. Guests can scan their barcode using a mobile device or insert their complimentary pass on your parking equipment. They can also pre-register their complimentary parking online.

Make parking a perk. Sell out your hotel event space and welcome event guests with a five-star experience.

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About Parking Validations

Our parking validation software accommodates fixed or personalized parking rates. The software can provide complimentary or discounted parking that follows percentage or monetary value-off parameters, giving your hotel full control. Using the validation software, guests can pre-register their parking, input their details using a tablet once they arrive, or scan a provided QR code when they arrive. Precise ParkLink supplies and provides ongoing support for parking validations.


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