Airport Security No Longer Begins At The Gates


Garage First, Gates Second

Airport security and screening is no doubt a number-one priority for airport management teams like yourself. But who first-class airports let in and out doesn’t actually begin at the security gates; it begins at the parking garage, where airport screening and security is happening right under traveller noses. Yes, that’s right. Airports are screening and tracking travellers the moment they enter the parking lot. That might sound spooky, but it’s for the safety and the protection of the millions of people passing through airports each day. 

Without travellers even noticing, airports use discrete security measures in their parking facilities. Some, of course, we can’t disclose. But here are some standard parking security measures first-class airports have in place:

Licence Plate Recognition (LPR)

From the moment travellers enter the parking lot, the airport knows they’re there. Travellers personal information, such as their licence plate, vehicle type, and the time they arrived are stored in a database. That parking gate doesn’t lift for anyone, either. Airports let visitors in based on a behind-the-scenes approval process. If a visitor has been banned or are on a federal or regional “watch” list, the airport can choose to lock them out by not lifting the parking gate.


It should come as no surprise that airport surveillance is everywhere. However, it may be a surprise to learn that first class airport surveillance is also present at the parking gates cars pull up to on their way in and out of the airport. Not only is an airport monitoring its parking facility; it’s also storing a photo of every vehicle and licence plate that enters its grounds.

Commercial Lanes

As a security measure and traffic precaution, airports designate commercial lanes for pre-approved busses and vendors. Although it’s a fast-track lane, vehicles passing through still undergo major surveillance and tracking. 

Regular Visitor Parking Passes

Again, as a security measure and traffic precaution, airports also provide long-term or monthly parking passes for staff and regular visitors. Although immediate access is granted with the tap of a pass, all movement is being tracked and archived by a reliable central management system. 

Parking Procurement Worthy of Applause

Airport management deploys some of the world’s most advanced security measures, and has to choose trustworthy vendors in order to protect the millions of people and goods that pass through each day. That begins with the parking lot.

Partnering with a parking organization that can withstand the rigours of airport traffic, and both provide and support first-class security systems is essential. Precise ParkLink considers it an honour to deploy its parking systems at a number of world-class airports, including Toronto Pearson International Airport, Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, and Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport.

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