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Parking Solutions Proven To Reduce Airport Anxiety

With thousands of people trying to get to their destination all at once, it’s only natural that most of us dread going to the airport. It’s been a 20-year challenge, but airport management teams like yourself have begun to reduce the three-hour early arrival time suggestion to two hours. And that’s thanks in no small part to faster technology, better way-finding, and lean logistics.

It All Begins With Parking

Remember those days when most travellers used to hitch a ride to the airport, or take public transportation? Today, more and more travellers are choosing to park at your airport overnight. Since the shift, making parking easier has been a number one priority for you. And it’s working. Parking at the airport is now one of the safest places to park, and actually cuts down travel time substantially.

Here are some of the ways first class airports have reduced stress and travel time with parking operations:

Signage and Wayfinding

Airports have invested more in signage and wayfinding expertise so that drivers know exactly where to go. Partnering with providers that not only supply signage, but can also produce, repair, and install said signage quickly is key to reducing travel time and running a successful parking operation.

Parking Guidance Systems

Say goodbye to traffic as a result of searching for parking. Now travellers can spot an available parking space from meters away with a “heads up” from a green light overtop of available stalls.

Easy and Reliable Parking Equipment

Airport parking equipment must be able to withstand the high volume of airport traffic. But any machine working all day every day is bound to need technical support at some point or another. When procuring airport parking equipment, it’s crucial to find a solutions provider that can provide immediate technical support and hardware replacements.

Designated Short-Term or Pick-Up Parking Lots

Pick-up, drop-off and long-term parking is now always separated. Sounds like a given, but for a long time, the logistics just didn’t exist.

World-Class Security and Surveillance

Vehicle safety and theft concerns are almost non-existent on the grounds of an airport, thanks to highly sophisticated surveillance and vehicle tracking.

Parking Procurement

Due to their high traffic volumes airport procurement need to beware of who they choose to partner with more than the average procurement team, ensuring their provider not only offers world-class products, but also has the capacity to provide ongoing technical support, maintenance, and research and development under very tight timelines.

Precise ParkLink is honoured to deploy parking systems at a number of world class airports, including Toronto Pearson International Airport, Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, and Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport.

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