Embody True Hospitality with a Five-Star Parking Experience


Entice Guest To Choose You

When choosing a hotel, guests are looking for hospitality. And with countless websites for traveller reviews, hotels are now operating in one of the most competitive markets there is. All aspects of your operation need to be exquisite—and this includes parking.

Whether they’re done online or by word of mouth, guest reviews are paramount when it comes to hotel business success. Make a positive first impression on your guests and welcome them with a five-star parking experience by implementing any of these services.


If you’re marketing yourself as a luxury or five-star hotel, valet parking is going to be expected. Give your guests the option to pull up to the entrance and enter your hotel stress-free, knowing that your trusted valet jockeys will safely drive their vehicle to a nearby lot.

Parking Concierge

Parking concierge is the hotel equivalent of on-site parking attendants. Extend your upscale service and professionalism to your parking operations by hiring a parking concierge that can provide guests with directions, complimentary water, as well as umbrellas.

 Airport Shuttle

Entice travellers to stay with you by offering convenient shuttle service to and from the airport, ensuring they arrive at their destination quickly and safely.

 Vehicle Registration

Improve the experience your guests have by allowing them to register their vehicle using a cloud-based tablet situated at your front desk. This service can be paid or complimentary—it’s entirely your choice.

Lot Upkeep

Even before check-in, you can make a great first impression. Make sure your guests feel safe and know where to go with proper and visible signage. Complement your hotel’s appearance with parking lots that are well-maintained, including professional line painting, summer landscaping, and snow removal in the winter.

By implementing any of these services, your guests will leave your hotel eager to return. Embody true hospitality with a five-star parking experience.

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About Precise ParkLink



When Precise ParkLink was founded more than 30 years ago, the company was a two-person field operation with an aspiration to make a difference in the world of parking automation.

Since then, Precise ParkLink has grown into a nation-wide managed services and technology firm with more than 700 employees across Canada, a head office in Toronto, and 11 supporting offices across the country.

But what sets us apart from other parking operators isn’t where we are, it’s what we are: a full-service urban mobility firm. One source for all your parking related needs.

Precise ParkLink manages parking lots on behalf of property owners and supplies cutting-edge technology and services to thousands of clients in the healthcare, municipal, commercial, institutional, and private sectors.

Being a vertically integrated parking management solutions company puts us in a unique position. We can provide a level of management and technical integration that is best-in-class. Just ask the hundreds of clients whom we’ve delivered cost-effective and customer focused solutions to over the years.