Parking Solutions that Accommodate Stadium Traffic


The main goal of a stadium is to leave attendees with an unforgettable experience and memories that last a lifetime. So how can you improve the first and final touchpoint of your stadium — the parking lot? Here are a few solutions:

Adapt to Traffic Flow Using Reversible Lane Technology

Invest in a gated parking system that utilizes reversible lane technology. Reversible lane technology allows you to change the direction of multiple lanes to accommodate periods where an influx of people are entering and/or exiting your parking lot. For example, before an event begins, stadiums can use reversible lane technology to increase the number of entry lanes into their parking facility to accommodate the increase in traffic.

Guide Your Attendees Every Step of the Way with Park Assist

Reduce the amount of time attendees spend looking for a parking spot by up to 44% with Park Assist — an innovative ultrasonic parking guidance system that’s used to minimize traffic within parking facilities. Park Assist increases the efficiency of a parking facility by displaying parking occupancy in real time, while also guiding attendees to the nearest available parking space.   

Increase Parking Revenue Using Digital Marketing

Nearly 92% of all parking transactions begin online. That’s why having a visible online presence is essential. Many drivers will pre-plan their parking or select parking while using Google Maps. Don’t miss out on this large chunk of the market and the parking revenue that comes with it. Make sure your parking information and location appears online and on Google Maps.

Signage and Wayfinding

Proper signage and wayfinding will help attendees arrive safely and on-time to your events, and help them remember where they parked after a whirlwind of entertainment. Ultra-visible signage and wayfinding should be the number-one conductor of traffic flow in your parking facility, ensuring people get where they need to go both safely and quickly.

Enhance Visitor Experiences with On-site Parking Staff

With on-site parking staff, you can give your attendees the ultimate visitor experience. On-site parking staff will ensure the traffic flow in and out of your stadium is seamless at all times, meaning your attendees will have enough time to find their seat, purchase concession food, and settle in for the show.

Shuttle Services

Shuttle services can significantly help reduce your traffic volume. They’re the perfect solution for getting your attendees to and from the stadium safely and quickly, while avoiding vehicle traffic.

Decrease your stadium’s traffic congestion while increasing your attendees’ satisfaction. 

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