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The Right Parking Controls for Safe Shopping Experiences

Your shopping centre has hundreds of vehicles passing through it each day, meaning accidents in your parking lot are likely to occur. But how can you decrease this likelihood? Mitigate your risk and ensure a safe shopping experience with the right parking controls. Here are a few ways:

ParkSafe™ Program

ParkSafe™ is an intensive safety inspection certification that’s used to establish safe parking conditions within your parking facility. A well-maintained and safe parking lot will mitigate risk on your property from outdated, weathered or damaged parking lot conditions.

Visible Signage and Wayfinding

Cover all your bases and mitigate risk at all points by installing proper and visible signage in and around your parking facility. Provide shoppers with wayfinding directions that allow them to arrive quickly and safely to their destination and leave your property accident-free.

Parking Facility Maintenance

Protect your investment with seasonal maintenance. Parking facility maintenance, like snow removal, asphalt repair, and line painting, will reduce the likelihood of an accident taking place on your premises.

Invest in a parking solution that protects your property, so you can focus on what you do best.

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