7 Secrets to a Safe Parking Lot

As a property manager, mitigating risk on your parking lot is top priority. Keeping a well-maintained parking lot that’s free of crime and weather conditions is key in keeping your parking lot safe. Below are seven secrets you should know in order to ensure your parking lot is risk-free and safe for visitors.

1.     LED Lighting
Well-lit parking lots help us feel safe, as they decrease the chances of a criminal activity from occurring on your property. Make sure that all areas of your parking lot are equipped with proper LED lighting. It will not only create a safer environment, but is also cost-efficient to maintain.

2.     Signage
Having visible signage is crucial to creating a liability-free environment. Parking lot instructional, way-finding and safety signs not only make for easy and quick parking; they also protect property managers from being held liable for accidents that occur on their property.

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3.     On-site Parking Staff
On-site parking staff act as a safety net for your parking facility. In addition to being trained to provide top-notch customer service, these staff members are also trained to stay aware of and alleviate conditions that might instigate risk, manage incidents, and abide by specific reporting procedures. 

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4.     Parking Equipment Integrated with Surveillance Solutions
It’s wise to invest in parking equipment that’s integrated with video and audio surveillance. The primary purpose of this feature is to provide two-way video and voice customer service to your visitors. However, it’s largely used as a cost-efficient way to keep an eye on and report criminal or safety issues that occur in your parking lot.   

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5.     Four Seasons Maintenance
Maintaining your property throughout all four seasons is important for both parking revenue and safety. Concrete and asphalt infrastructure, parking space line painting, snow plowing and de-icing services, drainage services, as well as landscaping are all services that property managers should extend to their parking lots.

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6.     Safe Parking Equipment
Ensure you invest in parking equipment that is manufactured with safety in mind. For example, our SkiData barrier gate arms feature a damage inhibitor function. If a car were to run through the barrier, it would break away at the base directly from the terminal, without damaging the arm itself. Durable fibreglass construction also ensures that these gate arms can be run over by a vehicle and withstand minimal damage.

Be sure to partner with a parking organization that has the internal resources to maintain their parking equipment in order to reduce risk from it being weathered or outdated.

7.     ParkSafe™ Program
ParkSafe™ is a certified safety program that all property managers should turn to for recommendations on how they can mitigate risk from occurring on their property. Ensuring you keep an up-to-date, maintained and safe parking lot will protect you from avoidable incidents that may be caused from outdated, weathered or damaged parking lot conditions. 

Learn more about ParkSafe™.  

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