The Guest Parking Solution Your Hotel Has Been Waiting For – H PASS™

Don’t let parking impede your hotel’s level of hospitality. Say hello to H PASS™ – the ultimate hotel guest parking solution. The H PASS™ is a parking pass that allows guests to pre-pay for their parking for a certain number of days.  H PASS™ is sure to encourage guests to choose your hotel when they travel. Here’s why:

1. One Parking Pass for All Your Hotel Locations

H PASS™ can be used at each of your hotel locations. As a prepaid parking card, guests can choose to load up to 100 days of parking onto their H PASS™ account.

2. Guest Accounts

Guests will have access to an exclusive H PASS™ account, allowing them to keep track of how many days they have left on their pass.

3. Unlimited Tap N’ Go

Your guests will have quick in-and-out privileges to and from your parking lot using a simple tap n’ go solution.

4. Multiple Passes for Families

For guests travelling with multiple family members, H PASS™ accounts can be shared and programmed on up to five H PASS™ cards.

5. One-Time Payment

The H PASS™ allows guests to pay for parking only once—not only for the duration of their stay at one hotel, but at all your hotels across the country. H PASS™ cards can be loaded with up to 100 days of parking, and programmed to work at all of your hotel locations.

Give guests a reason to return to your hotel. Offer them H PASS™.

Contact us if you are interested in H PASS™ for your hotel.



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